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Let your thoughts travel, like clouds gliding in the sky.
Receiving a massage is an invitation to welcome wellbeing.
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Your personal balance is maintained when you follow daily and lifestyle routines based on your individual nature and the rhythms of nature around you.

Massages are

By Appointment only. 


Why Massage?

For thousands of years, massage therapy has been practiced and trusted as a healing technique. You don’t need to visit a luxury spa or upscale health club to enjoy its benefits.

It’s no longer considered an indulgence, it’s an essential element of self-care and well-being.

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Receiving nurturing touch resets and restores the body like nothing else. Dropping out of focused mind, enjoying connection in the physical body without effort, releasing the tension, and increasing flow all serve to enhance well-being and reduce dis-ease on all levels.

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60min Tension Relief


“Windy is very caring and effective massage therapist. She listens to understand the client needs. She finds all the trouble areas and works through them. I always feel she finds the areas that need to be worked on and I leave feeling refreshed. Highly recommend!”



"She has been an amazing support in my recovery, helping with sore areas, focusing on my arms, legs, and sciatic pain. She listens intently and always addresses my needs during our sessions."


"After moving to this area almost a year ago I have tried several massage therapists. Windy is truly unique in that her session includes stretching, spinal alignment, and pressure points. It is very relaxing I always feel very refreshed afterwards. I highly recommend Windy.”

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