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Before Scheduling

If you have a concern with recent surgeries or any chronic condition, skin condition, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, or pregnancy, it’s always recommended that you consult a doctor before scheduling your massage. 

Existing & New Medical Conditions

It is the responsibility of the client to keep the massage therapist informed of any medical treatment currently being taken and to provide written permission from the physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc., that the onsite massage may be continued. The client must also keep the massage therapist informed of ANY changes in health conditions.


Contraindications are health conditions that you may have now or in the past that require that I use certain cautions or not perform massage on you at the current time. Certain medications may also create physiological conditions that make massage unsafe. If you fully disclose all medical information asked of you by your therapist and keep us updated to any changes in your health, we can know with high certainty that we are adhering to the standard contraindications for massage therapy, which are there for your safety. Clients who intentionally mislead or leave out medical information will be putting themselves at risk, as well as the attending therapist and therapy will be discontinued.

This is an exhaustive list, please contact me if you need more information or have any questions at

  • Clients on antibiotics - must finish the full course before we can do a massage

  • Clients on blood thinners - blood clots can be moved with serious consequences. Contact your healthcare physician before your massage to give you a Doctor's clearance.

  • Clients with varicose veins, thrombosis - massage will be adjusted according to it. If history of blood clots, you need a Doctor's clearance.

  • Clients with infections - infection can be spread and the effectiveness of your antibiotic will decrease. Book a massage when an infection is completely healed.

  • Clients having or had recent surgery - NO massage can be performed without a Doctor’s note released for 8 weeks post-surgical.

  • Clients currently following cancer treatments - Contact me at before scheduling. 

  • Clients with blood pressure not in control - NO massage can be performed. Contact your healthcare physician.  

What to expect at your massage visit

We will take a few minutes in the beginning to discuss your goals for the session. It is helpful if you complete all of the client intake information while scheduling your appointment.

You may pay for the appointment when you schedule online, or you may pay at the time of your visit. 

How do I prepare for my massage visit?

In massage studio: When you arrive in the lobby of the suite 101, text "I'm here" to the phone number provided (561-325-1670) & take a seat. Your massage therapist will meet you in the lobby to guide you to the studio for your intake and session.

For mobile massages (Additional fee applies): All you need to do is make sure you have space for me to set up the massage table and be able to work around it (about 6 ft. to 7 ft. in length and 4 ft. in width). I will bring all the supplies needed, including massage oil (pure unscented and blended oil), cream, unscented lotion, sheets, music and towels. If you would like to make a special request such as candles, please inform me before the appointment to provide you with the best massage experience.

Once the table is prepared for you, I will allow you the privacy to disrobe to your comfort level and position yourself on the table underneath a sheet or towel. I use a professional draping technique, so your privacy will be respected at all times.

Cancellation Policy

I am a By Appointment Only provider. This means that once you reserve a service on my schedule the time belongs only to you. Out of consideration for my Schedule and other clients waiting to reserve services, If you cancel in less than 12 hours you will be charged a cancellation fee of $30.  Emergencies and illness happen and may exempt you from this $30 fee so as long as you notify me by (1) calling and leaving a voicemail or (2) sending a text message as soon as you can upon discovering you will need to cancel your appointment. 





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