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Ayurvedic Massage


Raise your awareness to understand the current influences that contribute to your balance or imbalance.


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Abhyanga is a deeply soothing massage used with warm oil, which nourishes the body internally, externally and mobilizes deep muscle tissues. A very unique treatment that will leave you feeling invigorated, yet deeply relaxed at the same time. Oil or oleation or in Sanskrit "Snehana" means love. When we anoint the body generously in oil, we are anointing it in love and self-love and here is just the beginning of the health benefits of abhyanga. Abhyanga moves the body from a state of imbalance to equilibrium, from stress response to ease, from clogged ama (toxins) to freely circulating prana or chi (vital energy). 



Postpartum touch gives a stronger sense of connection, healing, comfort and warmth. It supports oxytocin hormone release that reinforces connection to the baby and family. Postpartum Abhyanga (Indian warm oil massage) is adjusted in a different way to promote grounding, nurturing and lessens fatigue. Massage on the belly can be optional based upon your comfort. It's Your massage, your body and your comfort are my priority. If there is a postpartum surgery involved, it's suggested to add on the scar treatment to optimize healing. 

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