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Try the add-ons for $20 for complete relaxation. This option can be added at the booking page.

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A wonderful experience for tired and aching feet, including a foot scrub, aromatherapy, and a massage.

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A moment to focus on the head and neck. This treatment nourishes the hair, relaxes the mind, and releases head, neck, headaches and upper back tension. An amazing experience that will leave you peaceful, rested, and increase better sleep, with the choice of an earthy herbal oil (Bringaraj herb) or blend of aromatherapy oil (sesame oil with essential oil).



Soothing and relaxing massage on targeting areas with a smooth pink quartz stone applied with rose water. Helpful for TMJ, headache, migraine, skin glow, stress, and anxiety.



Relieving tension in the abdomen (or elsewhere) will unlock emotional blockage that may be the root of the symptoms. Remember that the abdomen is the place where we come from, where we originate like a nest. Slowing down your breath and the racing mind will awaken your curiosity and senses about what is happening within the abdomen. The more the body is recognized and acknowledged, the more healing can happen. Indicated for stimulating digestion, calming bloating, low back pain, balancing menstrual cycle, pms, fertility, miscarriage, congestion in abdomen and respiratory region etc.

Option 1: 15 Min add on

Option 2: 60 Min session stand alone, integrated with the pelvis and glutes Abdominal and Pelvic balance.



Scar massage is very helpful because it helps the scar tissue from growing in unwanted places, help smooth out thick scars and increase blood flow.  The fascial adhesions from scars can have various affects on the body. Some of the most common complaints include: lower back pain, pelvic pain.


I would recommend waiting until you are cleared at your 6 week appointment and until the wound is fully healed before doing this massage.

Once you are noticing changes, you can increase to every week for a month and then increase to every other week for a month and finally every month. Scar tissue has the potential to form for up to two years after the surgery, so checking in monthly to see how it feels would be beneficial until you are two years out.

$10 the add-on

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Himalayn stones
Cronic Tension
Prenatal Bodywork
Abdominal pelvic

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